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Headquartered in Everett WA, and serving clients from Seattle all the way to Bellingham! As a PNW native, I've got your back.

I’m a realtor® and cheerful dude who likes underground hip hop and interesting coffees

From day one, I wanted to be an uncommon breed of realtor®. I'm driven by a powerful, personal ethos that your needs should always come first.

If we work together, you can expect this core value to be embodied in all of our interactions together. You'll not only be selling or buying a home, but also gaining a friend!

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  • Acclaimed by clients
  • 2nd generation realtor®
  • Specializes in homes, condos, and land
  • Regularly visits grandma
  • Licensee at Windermere Real Estate JS
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Evan alleviated a lot of the stress and anxiety I had about selling and I am so glad he was my realtor. I put my 100% trust in Evan and he didn’t let me down. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.
- Carol, seller

What's it like to work together?


📊 Valuate

I'll perform a professional analysis of your property's value in today's market. We will look at comparable properties, your home's features, geographic and economic factors, and more. All delivered in a beautiful presentation.

🧰 Repair

We'll address any issues in your home that can adversely affect its value. Roof, carpets, windows, energy saving options, and other in-demand features that buyers in today's market care about.

📸 Marketing

You'll have the most robust strategy a Realtor® can create. Doubling as a 5-year internet marketing expert, I'll create a full-fledged campaign with premium photography, drone footage, virtual walk-through, targeted ad sets on Facebook, Instagram, and more. All engineered to create maximum exposure.


🏠 Listing

The big moment! Now that we've prepared, your home is ready to hit the market. You may choose to have an offer review date if we anticipate multiple offers, or simply choose to review offers as they come in.

🔭 Showings

Showings may be done by me, other real estate agents, or during Open Houses that we will schedule together. The goal is to show your property to the most qualified, motivated buyers in the market. Quality not quantity!

📝 Offers

The results are in, and people love your house! We'll look at your offers together - comparing purchase price, closing date, financing, terms, stability of buyer, earnest money, and more! We'll choose the offer that's right for you.


🤝🏼 Mutual

You are now "mutual" with your buyer! We're under contract for the sale, with the closing date, price, and terms all defined. A title and escrow team is now involved to help us navigate toward closing with the buyer.

🗃️ Closing

The closing process for a transaction is nuanced, so having a buyer in contract is only half of the game. The lender, escrow team, buyer's agent and I all work together go make the sale happen. We got this.


CONGRATULATIONS! You've done it; you have sold your home. You did so well enduring all of the different steps, we've come such a long way on your journey together.

👋🏻 Support

I'm always here to help as you get settled, wherever you've gone after your home sale. Any questions are always welcome. I'm your real estate support onward into the future!


📲 Meeting

Every home-buying journey begins with a meeting together where we talk about hopes/dreams and what you're really looking for so we can engineer our search for a home that perfectly suits your ideal lifestyle (and budget).

💰 Pre-Qualify

It's vital to get pre-qualified by a lender BEFORE you begin looking at homes. A lender will help show you how much house you can afford. That way, you know the price range to search within, and be prepared to make an offer when you find something you like!

🔍 Search

With your search criteria well-defined, we will use cutting edge real estate tools to search active listings and keep our radar up for any new ones. You'll have access to houses AS they come onto the market, in real-time.


🔭 Showings

House hunting! Such fun, isn't it? In the hyper-local market of the Pacific Northwest, speed is key. I make it easy to coordinate showings to ensure that we can go see your dream property faster than everybody else.

📝 Offer

You've found the perfect spot! Let's put your offer together. We will outline your terms, purchase price, financing, and more. Your offer will be strong and give you the best chances of acceptance by the seller!

🤝🏼 Mutual

The seller likes the cut of your jib (or rather, the terms of your offer). You are now under contract to purchase the house! Now the closing proceedings begin; our selected escrow company will hold onto your earnest money, showing you're a serious buyer!


🕵️ Inspection

Our offer will specify that you must conduct an inspection and approve of your findings. The inspector, you, and I will all be present at the inspection which takes 2-4 hours. We'll get a full detailed report of the house, and I'll help you with negotiating any repairs from the seller.

🗃️ Closing

With the inspection contingency satisfied, the closing proceedings will be in full swing! We'll coordinate all of the finer things about your move, set up your official "signing" appointment and make sure you're set up for success.


Congratulations to you :) You've done it! You are officially a homeowner. The keys will be handed to you (by me) and we'll get you all moved-in.

👋🏻 Support

I'm always going to be here to help you, long after you move in. If you ever have a question about your home or anything at all... I hope that by now you consider me a friend you can rely on for a helping hand.

I wrote an ebook

Are you selling your home in the not-too-distant future? You deserve to do it stress-free. Download my eBook, The Stress-free Selling System.

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No two transactions are the same, ever! I've walked beside my clients through many a tricky scenario; and we've always come out on the other side successful.

Here are a couple of my favorite tales from the wild frontier of real estate.

Daisy Chaining Contingent Sales


You never forget your first transaction. We had a "contingent sale" offer on a beautiful home in Arlington, so the race was on for my clients to also sell their Marysville home quickly! What's more... is that the buyers of my seller's home ALSO had a contingent sale addendum.

We were able to coordinate so that all three properties closed on time, without trouble, and everybody moved into their new dream home!

"Evan was our agent when we sold and bought our homes simultaneously and he did an outstanding job! He's not just a great realtor, but also a caring and fun person to be around!"
- Nicole C.

Rehab Prior to Close


I helped a couple of first-time home-buyers get into their dream home in Arlington. Although, it wasn't exactly their dream home when they found it! The rambler was a great deal, as it was being sold "as is." The buyers stepped in with their talents and FINISHED all the work prior to funding their loan. They're now happy homeowners who can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

"Evan helped us negotiate our way through a pretty complicated situation and was essential in helping my wife and I get settled into our first home! We love our new home and can't wait to make it our own."
Tyler E.

Helping Good Friends


It's always a pleasure for me to be able to work with good friends in a real estate transaction. It means a lot to me to see the trust that we have built in our friendship extend into our professional lives. With these two friends, we offered on three separate houses before finding the right one... and I'm so glad they did. I look forward to many happy gatherings with you both!

"We were thrilled with Evan as our realtor. He was helpful, available, and enjoyable to work with. Even now that the house has closed it's been nice to have Evan around to refer us to the people we need for remodels and improvements."
Isaac C.


This is where I share all of my goings-on in real estate, personal stories, and tips for both buyers & sellers.

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